Belieber and Boylieber

"That should be me holding your hand That should be me making you laugh That should be me, this is so sad That should be me, that should be me That should be me feeling your kiss"

— Justin Bieber

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“Você tem um sonho?[...]" Never Say Never
Boylieber and Belieber
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"There’s more to his story" #BelieveMovie

"There’s more to his story" #BelieveMovie

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[10/28RecoveryRecovery is an acknowledgement that in life you can’t just fall down and not get over things. You have to step up and recover. At the time, I was going through a very hard break up and when you’re going through stuff like that you think that the world is just gonna end. Then you wake up the next day and realize that life has to go on. Recovery is that feeling you get when you start to move on and make things better for yourself, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is here. - JB

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